Wednesday, October 21, 2015


WOW. the work has done a 180 degree turn this last week. We now have
two more investigators set to be baptized on November 21st. One of
them is E*, who I may or may not have mentioned, is a writer for
Saturday Night Live. The other is a man named A* from Sri Lanka. They
are both so awesome! Sincere seekers of truth who just fell into our
laps out of nowhere. They both attended church last Sunday and loved
it. A* is having a hard time understanding the Old English in the
Book for Mormon, so we're trying to get a copy in whatever the native
language of Sri Lanka is. E* is loving the Book of Mormon. He reads
with his friend Mary, who is a member on the east side. Our lessons
with him have been so great!

We have an appointment tomorrow for a man named F* who came up to
us when we were advertising chapel tours outside the temple. He took a
tour from us and told us all about how he realized he needs more of
God in his life and felt like he should see what we can teach him.
He's got a lot of promise.

A* is still doing awesome. She will be baptized on the 31st
still, but, as I mentioned, it will be in the Harlem YSA Ward. She
moves up there tomorrow. They're getting one solid new member!

So Shock Calls are this Saturday. Trainer call are tonight. This cycle
went by faster than any previous cycle has! It just flew by! I feel
like I just got here still. Though we have not received the official
word yet, I am almost certain that I will unfortunately be transferred
away from here. This is what we call a "one and done," not very
common, but not unheard of. The reason I know this is because
President Smith told me Elder Tanner will be training here next cycle
and that I need to get him ready to train. He also said he will not be
whitewash training, so it will be in this area. But I won't be! Elder
Tanner will surely be a bit overwhelmed tonight when he gets a call
from President. Haha. I'm bummed I'll be leaving right when the work
is picking up and people are being baptized! Oh well. I still feel
like I'm leaving the area better than I found it. I guess the Lord
knew I'd love Manhattan too much, so he decided he'd treat me for six
weeks and then promptly send me somewhere else so I don't get TOO
content. I'm excited to find out where I'll be headed next week! I
won't know until Saturday.

It was quite a pleasure to see a familiar face down the hall at the
chapel on Sunday, Rocky Schutjer (Did I just butcher the spelling on
that?), along with has family.

Got to get Elder Tanner ready to train! Got to get my laundry clean!
Got to get groceries to last me this last week here! P-day! love you

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. "Freedom by Night"
2. Mary, Me, Elder Tanner, & E*!

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