Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This is a most unusual transfer. I'm staying in Manhattan. In fact I'm
still the district leader of the exact same district. The only
difference is now I'm in the Union Square Ward that meets on 15th
Street. The only change to my area is that it got a bit smaller--just
part of what the YSA Ward covers. I moved down to Chinatown so now all
the signs and people on the street are Chinese. My new companion,
Elder Zeng, is also Chinese, except he was born and raised in Surinam,
grew up speaking Dutch in school and Chinese at home, and has lived
all over the world since. He was in the district before, of course, so
I already know him. It's going to be  a good six weeks!

I had a great last week in the YSA Ward. E* made us a cake and we
had a little going-away party for our last lesson. Luckily, I'll still
be able to attend his baptism in a few weeks since it's in my district
still! We also got permission to attend Alexandra's baptism in Harlem
this Saturday... Dang this Saturday is Halloween! Where did that come
from? Haha.

Elder Tanner is set up with a bunch of solid new investigators for his
trainee and himself. They are going to have a lot of baptisms this
cycle. And I'll get to be there for all of them! Especially the people
I've taught.

The area I'm going to has been struggling quite a bit, but I'm
determined to get things going again! The Lord has blessed me to see a
lot of success in my last two areas and I'm hoping if I keep working
hard, he'll bless us with success in this area as well.

I said goodbye to the Waterman's at transfers. They're going home now!
I also got to meet Elder Johanson's new trainee from the Philippines!
How awesome is that! He's training again for his last transfer. He's
6'4" and he trained me at 5'5" and now an even tinier Filipino!

I'll send pictures of my new home later today hopefully. For now
here's our cake party with Elan and Mary, me and President & Sister
Smith, and me and my district (Elder Tanner, Sister Atkinson , Elder
Wallace, Sister Amorim, Sister Vincent, Sister Rasmussen, and Sister
Spendlove--Elder Zeng is hiding behind Sister Vincent). Now Elder
Tanner, Sister Atkinson, and Sister Vincent are all training. We're
going to have a district full of trainees!
​ My new companion Elder Zeng,
 the Waterman's and me, funny signs at the new laundromat that were 
clearly not written by someone who speaks English.

Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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