Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Raining cats and investigators

When I first came to this area, I was told by Elder Nelson that we
just need to talk to everyone and their mother. He said that
regardless of how many people we talk to, we still probably won't find
anyone to teach from it, but then people to teach would just show up
out of nowhere. So now, along with a ton of rain, we've had new
investigators falling out of the sky. We've gotten some referrals from
different missionaries. Some sister missionaries in our district found
an NYU student named C* who wants to be taught. He's YSA, so he
was referred to us. Unfortunately, he's out of town for the next week,
but we've talked with the him in the phone and he seems awesome! A
young man named A* walked up to two other sisters in our district and
told them he's done with the Catholic Church and wants to learn about
our church. So they referred him to us too! Last Sunday, we were
standing outside the temple using the wifi to send in our numbers, and
a member from the east side YSA Ward came up to us and told us she had
a friend who wanted to be taught by missionaries who would be showing
up in two minutes. Two minutes later we met E* and set an
appointment with him for tomorrow! So things are really picking up
now! We have people to teach!

A* is still doing really well. Unfortunately, she is officially
going to moving to the Harlem YSA Ward before her baptism. We'll get
to attend the baptism, most likely, but she won't be in our Ward.

We had an awesome visit from a Elder Arnold of the Seventy. He's a
fiery one. I look forward to applying some of the things he told us
about to our teaching with our new investigators!

Gotta run now. Until next week...

-Elder Samuel Burton

Photos: Elder Tanner in the rain, Manhattan sunset

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