Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lost and Found

Oh me oh my, the time just flies. I completely lost track of this cycle. Transfers are next week! We get Shock Calls this Saturday! I can't believe it! The weeks have gone by so fast! And I'll get to tell my family whether or not I'm being transferred early, because Sunday is Mothers Day, so I'll be skyping home!

The whole district is rooting for me to get sent to the city this transfer, not because I haven't been, but because this season's hayfever has intensified to an extreme. Elder Wagner, one of my Zone Leaders/roommates has expressed serious concern that I may die.

But enough complaining! Things are still happening on the other side of the mucus coating on my eyes. For example, one night, we stopped by the pharmacy in hopes of finding some re,edgy we haven't tried already and a woman stopped us in one of the isles. Turns out she recently joined the church and shortly after moved moved to Hyde Park. Her previous ward in Texas had sent her records to Maine, because she was originally planning on going to a school there, but ended up going to one in our area instead. She didn't know where the church was, so we gave her the address, our phone number and the bishop's phone number. Her roommate/cousin, who was with her at the store, will be meeting with the sister missionaries sometime in the near future. So Heavenly Father used my allergies as a means of putting us in her path! Who would've thought?

Rhonda is working her way back to good health again, slowly but surely. Keep her in your prayers!

K* seems to be slipping off the face of the earth. A* has been in and out of town and hasn't been able to meet with us. Really, most of our investigators are kind of vanishing. Oh dear.

We did find a new investigator now though! Every week we give service feeding the homeless (I may have mentioned that before). This week, an unusually nicely dressed woman came through the line and was very friendly to us, saying thanks repeatedly and such. It's actually quite refreshing. I'm surprised how many of the regulars only complain about the food we give them. So we had a good conversation with this women at the food place. Later in the week, we bumped into her in the street. She was on her way somewhere in a hurry, but paused to say hello. That same night, we looked up a potential we met on the street who showed vague interest, only to find this same woman there instead. Apparently the guy we were looking up is now in prison and his woman was happy to find that his apartment was within her budget so she could get off the streets. Finally we got the hint God was trying to give us and invited her to take the missionary lessons. She accepted. She said she once met missionaries from our church in Long Island and was very interested in the Church. Talking with her briefly revealed that she was not the kind of woman you would expect to be living on the streets. Not into drugs or alcohol, well-educated--just hit a real rough patch for a week or so. She said to give her a week before the first lesson, so she can get settled into her new home first. When we left halfway down the street before realizing I had forgotten to give her our phone number, though we had hers, so we rushed back. The man who was sitting on the porch next door to her house started yelling at us when we approached her again, saying "What are you doing? Did she tell you to come back?" I said "We just need to..." and he just yelled some more, "Leave her alone, she don't wanna talk to you! Get outta here!" She then yelled out "I CAN SPEAK FOR MYSELF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH," and we gave her our phone number. Her name, by the way, is T*, but she said she usually goes by "Quiet Storm," which is her pen name. Normally the sisters would take her, but they said we should because they are overrun with what they have already.

We just found out that Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to visit our mission this Saturday! Apparently he's coming specifically and solely to speak to us. So we'll be down in Manhattan this Saturday at the Lincoln Center Chapel (in the temple building). There goes our Saturday plans, but it's quite an exciting surprise!

Words of wisdom from a drunk lady on the street: "You never know! You guys might save me today! You might save the me! Yeah, think about that!" Inspired mostly by alcohol, but still true. As they often say of missionaries, we may not always see the fruits of our labors, but it is possible that the pamphlet we gave that woman, when she can see straight enough to read it, might be the cause of her eventually finding the Lord.

Time to wrap this up now. Thanks for all the love and support!
Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

FDR's House in Hyde Park and 
​white-flowered trees on ​
Market Street in Poughkeepsie. I'd
include pictures of myself in these lovely places, but that would not
be a pretty sight right now.

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