Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemon-zest Snickerdoodle

Hello Everyone!

We're busy as ever in Poughkeepsie! Our mission president recently instated a rule for a mandatory three hours of finding everyday. In our area, there are two main ways of finding. Tracting, and street contacting. The only place to street contact in our area is Main Street in Poughkeepsie and everyone there is either crazy, homeless, jacked up on pot, or any combination of the three. Fun! Even though we are now tracting twice as much as before, we have had zero success since the new mandate was put in effect.
Unfortunately, the mandatory time finding has left us with significantly less time to keep up with the investigators we already have. We're in a rush to try to fit everything in! We did fit in a great lesson with K* yesterday. We set a baptismal date of June 6th with him. We got everything set to get him to church on Sunday and we are determined to make it happen! We've pulled out all the stops. He said so himself: "I have no excuses now."
Also unfortunately, Rhonda, that poor soul, tore her meniscus last Sunday. She's got it so rough right now! She works almost incessantly, she needs surgery on her brain, and now surgery on her knee too! We keep telling her she needs to slow down a bit, but you can't really tell Rhonda to slow down. Keep her in your prayers! We did have a great visit with her on Monday, after we learned she had tore her meniscus. We brought her a chocolate frosty from Wendy's and Sister Skriloff (another member) and her daughter who Destiny is friends with now. We read the baptismal covenant in Mosiah 18 and talked about how the whole Ward has made that covenant to "bear one another's burdens" and such, just letting Rhonda know we're all there for her if she needs. We also had a great talk about the stakes upcoming pioneer trek and Rhonda is now planning on teaching everyone there how to shoot BB guns. She was also suggesting she could teach them how to skin a deer and catch fish with their bare hands. Haha. That's her upstate New York redneck side. Speaking of upstate New York rednecks, we were recently yelled at by a drunk guy in a wife-beater while we were tracting in Hyde Park! But that doesn't really matter, so...

Again unfortunately, W*, the awesome old man we tracted into a while ago, dropped us this week. When we went by his house he had his Book of Mormon in hand and he said he was reading it but had decided he wasn't interested enough to continue. Bummer. But still, we had a good long conversation out on his porch and when we left, I realized something. He likes us! He's not too interested in the Church right now, but he likes us! We made a good impression on him. He may not be fully ready yet, but I know that we were supposed to knock on his door, even if the only reason was so that when he is ready, he'll remember those two funny boys that showed up at his house with a blue book. He'll know who to turn to.

And unfortunately, our GPS went on the fritz taking us home from a meeting in Newburgh. It took us to the wrong bridge to cross the Hudson, but as a result we ended up passing through a very particular town! See the picture below. My mom can explain.

And unfortunately, that's all there is to report this week. Talk to you next week!

-Elder Samuel Burton

Pics his week include the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and a sign I had to take a picture by for my Mom.

Fancy food inside.


In the town of Cold Spring. Could it be just coincidence? Idk.

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