Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goodbye trees!

Well for those who have not yet heard, my days in Poughkeepsie have come to an end. A lot of 
 goodbyes. I said goodbye to the Ashworths, the Skriloffs, Rhonda & Destiny, K*, and all those others. Rhonda gave me some banana bread and a little pocket Bible with a note inside. She also surprise attacked me with a hug! The only goodbye that was not hard at all was saying goodbye to the trees. I won't be missing those pollen-producing organisms of death! I won't be seeing them for a while either, because I'm going to the South Bronx!!! As long as I stay clear of the Botanical Gardens, I'll be breathing easy. My new area is the most impoverished zip code in the United States. There are parts we're not allowed to go to after dark and are advised to stay out of during the day as much as possible. Sounds like FUN! I'm turning in the car keys for a metro card and some of that good old missionary wear and tear on my shoes.

My new companion is Elder Chad Beardall. He's also the official mission IT guy, so I probably won't have any issues with my iPad while we're together. He was in the Westchester Zone when I was there, so we've met before. Elder Glick is going to be with an Elder Christensen who I've never met.

We're living at 639 Fox Street (just if you want to look it up, mail still goes to the Mission Office). I haven't been to the pad yet, but he here it's not exactly luxurious. Haha. Oh well. I'm actually riding in a van down to a chapel in Inwood (Northernmost part of Manhattan) where my new companion is waiting. This short car ride is all the email time I'm going to get today, so I'm going to wrap this up now. Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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