Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow and not much else

Hello everyone!

This week we had a real snow storm! They had to bring in dump trucks and backhoes to remove the piles of snow that blocked the streets after the snowplows had gone through. And how much hype do you think this storm got before it hit? None. People just said, oh it might snow on Monday. Two feet of snow later, the zone leaders are telling us we have to stay indoors. So we spent a lot of time being grounded and consequently had to cancel most of the appointments we had with all the new people we've found in the past few weeks and several others besides. So it's been a pretty dull week.

A few days ago we got referral from church headquarters. When we looked up the address we found it was a crazy old lady who had a cat that weighed 40 pounds. It was HUGE! She had gone online and requested a bible, so we gave her that. Then we taught her about the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon as well. She accepted it as well as the challenge to read and pray about it and set an appointment with us for next Saturday.

I had the opportunity of meeting Brother Jason Downer in the Poughkeepsie first Ward. He's black, he's from Scotland, and he has the most peculiar accent. Sometimes it seems to lean towards English, sometimes Scottish, sometimes American, sometimes Jamaican. I just can't pin it down! Anyway. He's hilarious and an awesome guy. He came out teaching with Elder Kia (our district leader) and I, when we were on a split, and I happen to have seen him several times since. Apparently he has friends in our area he might introduce us to.

Both K* and M* have dates set from baptism later this month, but neither of them showed up for church on Sunday, so... we may have to change those dates.

Well, that's about all I've got for this week. Nothing too exciting. Sorry. Maybe next week I'll have some more interesting stories to share. Until then...

-Elder Samuel Burton

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