Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dandruff on the shoulder

We had another storm this week. Apparently this one was very localized though because only our zone got hit hard. We were waiting on Monday morning to get the call telling us to stay home and not go to district meeting, but it never came. So we went out, almost got

by a lady who was texting while driving in a blizzard on roads that hadn't been plowed, and drifted all over the place trying to make wide turns at 3 miles/hour. 
Luckily everyone made it to district meeting safely. Afterwards, before everyone went home, the Zone Leaders called the APs and asked them why on earth we haven't been grounded yet. Apparently conditions were fine in every other zone in the mission. Scarsdale, where the APs were, was just getting a light dusting.  So we were instructed to go home immediately and weren't able to go out until the next day. We are told we should be getting at least two more storms in the next little while. It's like winter came late and now it's trying to catch up! But, to quote Sharon, a sweet old lady who is now officially reactivated, "It's like dandruff on the shoulder: ya just brush it off and say 'Oh well' because what else can you do 'bout it?" But if I had dandruff falling off my head as much as the snow's been falling from the sky, I would probably see a doctor about it!

Anyway... Let's get back to more important things.

So do you remember how several weeks ago we tracted into a fourteen-year-old boy named Logan? Yes? Hopefully? He seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon and we were eager to start teaching him. So we've tried really hard since then to get a solid, sit-down-and-talk lesson with him and his family. This last week, it finally happened. Nothing came up to stop it. No freak blizzards, no sudden illnesses, nothing. So we sat down with them and taught them the restoration. Fun fact about Logan's dad, Christian: he talks nearly incessantly. We'd teach a little part of the lesson, and then he'd talk for five minutes straight without pausing for breath. We'd teach another little part, and he'd start talking again. Whenever he spoke, he started address the things we were discussing, but ultimately would end up going off on tangents, usually dealing the state of our countries politics (he's ultra-conservative, especially for New York, and he has a lot to say about it). It was funny to watch the Mom, Claudia, throughout the lesson. Every time Christian started going off about who knows what, she'd start going about preparing dinner for that evening. Then once he finally stopped and we were able to keep teaching, she'd immediately sit back down and listen intently. haha. We can tell the family realizes that there dad is a chatterbox. Overall it was a great lesson. They all agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. And apparently Christian talked with Brother Malcarne (who he works for) and had a lot to say about how much he likes us.

In other news, K*--who, by the way, is the girl we tracted into a few weeks ago (see "The BIG Three" email)--dropped us. Bummer. She kind of has a crazy life. She's fourteen and already working to help support her family which has a lot of other issues besides and she told us that she wants to stop meeting with us until things calm down a bit. 

M* is doing awesome. She's worried she won't be able to quit smoking in time for her baptism, but we've been encouraging her and helping her flush her cigarettes down the toilet. R* joined us for a lesson with her because R* had to quit smoking before she was baptized. Only been in the church for two months and already fellowshipping new converts! R*'s awesome!

It's that time again. That wonderful, once-every-six-weeks event: Transfers. We get shock calls this Saturday, training calls come tonight. Oddly enough, transfers this time are on a Friday, but p-day is still going to be Wednesday, so i'll be emailing one more time before transfers. I guess I'll actually be telling you what's happening before it happens this time. Until then...


This one is brought to you by Josiah, Mercedes' son. He wrote this on
a library slip. What a cute kid!

I don't really have any more pictures to send this week. Here's some selfies at h&m, where Elder L'Espérance is currently getting some new pants.

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