Wednesday, June 8, 2016

...oh, and I guess I'm 20 now.

So Elder Richards has been sick in bed for most of the last week, so
unfortunately there is not much to report this week. He did muster the
strength to get to church on Sunday and I was able to go to a few of
our appointments on splits, but much of my week has been hanging
around the apartment trying to be productive while he sleeps.

On Thursday I had the returning missionary meeting. That was cool. It
was kind of strange to sit down with my mission president and hear him
talk to us all about all the taboo subjects for missionaries: girls,
dating, marriage, etc.. Of course he also talked about college and
gave advice for being successful in life.

I had a pleasant surprise when Lindsay Boucher showed up in our
sacrament meeting on Sunday! It's nice to see a familiar face, and the
Bouchers are always a treat!

Yesterday we had a special meeting with Elder Randall Bennett of the
Seventy, who is touring our mission. That was awesome! As far as
general authority visits go, this one was right up there with Elder
Cook and a Elder Holland. The more I get to meet and have these
interactions with general authorities, the more apparent it becomes
that these are inspired men called by God who lead the Church.

Yesterday, I found out that someone I taught in the Bronx is becoming
a member of the church! The weird things is, I thought they already
were. You may recall a man named Ricky QuiƱones. He had one leg and a
cat named Macho. Turns out after he was baptized in Puerto Rico, he
was never confirmed. So he's been coming to church consistently for
the last several weeks, and now he's going to be re-baptized and
confirmed this Sunday! It's funny to hear about those kinds of things
and realize, oh, the work does go on after I leave. Haha.

That's all for this week. Now I'm off to find something fun to do to
celebrate my birthday!


The view from the roof of the Met.

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