Wednesday, June 1, 2016

¡Esto es el fin!

This is it! The last transfer cycle of my mission has begun. Six weeks
left. I'm kind of terrified. Haha. Tomorrow I'll be attending a
meeting at the mission home for returning missionaries... That is, I
should be attending the meeting. However, there has been an issue with
the missionary support cards and now no one has any money for train
fare. We can't use the subways, much less the more expensive metro
north commuter rail. We also can't buy groceries and we're out of
food... Hopefully they figure this one out soon.

With the start of this new transfer, both Elder Richards and I will be
staying here, but Elder Moss, our roommate, is flying home right now.
He'll be hanging out with former-elder Tyler Johanson (my trainer)
later tonight! Haha. They went to school together. Elder Moss had been
replaced by Elder Tatafu, a Samoan from Alaska.

A few days ago, we met a Mexican woman in the street. This is actually
a very unusual occurrence, because most Hispanics in New York are from
the Caribbean. Mexicans are a very small group here. Anyway, we met
her on the street and learned she was a member, she insisted we walk
with her around the local CVS Pharmacy. I'm very proud of the fact
that even though she spoke hardly any English, I was able to carry on
a good conversation with her and learn a bit about herself and her
family. She's a third generation member of the church who lives in
Union City, New Jersey. She moved to the United States four years ago
and was joined by her son a year later. Her son is twenty two and is
about to serve a mission in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was in Manhattan
to do temple work. I got all the info and she was speaking Spanish!
Thank goodness she was Mexican actually--they have very clean, clear
Spanish, whereas the more common Dominicans and Puerto Ricans slur all
there words together and drop half their consonants. (No offense,
Bruce--for what it's worth, los Puertorriqueños are easier to
understand than los Dominicanos) So Elder Nate O'Brien, I hope your
proud of me for carrying out a full on Spanish conversation! Then,
when we walked out of the CVS she gave us a bag of groceries and ran.
Haha. I guess that temporarily solves our food problems.

This week has been great for our investigators. We had an awesome
lesson with D* and we were finally able to figure out at least a
part of what's been keeping him from being baptized for the last year
and a half! He also talked a lot with us about what's happened in his
life since he discovered the church and we were able to show him how
the gospel has been active in his life. He's developed faith, he's
repented, and now he has a strong desire to have a fresh start
committed to the new life he's embraced. We showed him how that desire
is the same desire that would motivate him to be baptized. It was a
really interesting lesson because he talked almost the entire time and
we just asked questions. Our questions lead him to discover it all for
himself, which makes it so much more meaningful. I'm hoping we can
quickly resolve any and all of his concerns and have him in the font
before I go home! He's so ready, he just needs to realize he is.

That's all for this week! Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. New York Pizza in our apartment.
2. Elder Moss outside our favorite musical.
3. My shoe

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