Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Batman

Exciting news! We found out just a few days ago that Elder Jeffery R.
Holland is coming to preside over a surprise mission conference this
Saturday! AAAAAGHGHHH. I'm kind of scared. (Bruce and Becky, you've
been through this; should I be scared?). I'm sure it will be a day to

The winter weather is finally coming to the northeast! Yesterday, we
had a love -16 degrees in Westchester county (factoring in windchill).
No snow yet though.

Work in the mission office is going well. President Smith is a lot of
fun to work with. He's like a little kid sometimes... Haha. Sometimes
I'm just asking myself, "is this really my mission president or my
little brother?" It's awesome! I love it.

We got some good work done in our area finally! I met a man named B*
who we threw down on with an agency and accountability lesson. He was
having trouble progressing at all, so we just laid it out in front of
him in such a way so that he knew he either has to read the Book of
Mormon and find out if it's true (and be baptized when he does) or he
has to just tell us he doesn't want to meet with us anymore and ignore
the truth we were putting in front of him. It was a good lesson.

We also met two lovely Jamaican women named R* and K*. They let
us in when we were knocking doors in their neighborhood and were so
kind and receptive. We explained what we do as missionaries and
basically announced to them that the gospel is restored and the
kingdom of God is on the earth once more. It was probably one of the
boldest restoration lessons I've ever taught. It was amazing how
strong the spirit was in the room. They eagerly accepted copies of the
Book of Mormon and we set up an appointment with them and the sister
missionaries. They said they want the other three women that live them
to learn about it too! They were such sweet ladies! And we only had to
knock three doors to find them!

Other than that, we've been delivering mail, cleaning out "the Bat
Cave," which is the storage area in the basement of the mission office
building. We have a little cart with a Batman sticker on it which we
call "the Batmobile."
...I know right? We must be pretty cool missionaries. I'm Batman.
Elder Casper's Robin. President Smith is Alfred. I think Elder
Beardall might be Catwoman...

That's all for this week! Love you all so much! Thanks for the support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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