Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feeling as old as 2015

Hey everyone!!! I hope you each had a Merry Christmas! We had a lovely
Christmas with the mission president and his family. It was kind of
weird just being plugged into a different family for the holiday I'm
so used to celebrating with my own family, but it was a lot of fun.
That's the last Christmas in the mission field. In just about a week,
I will officially have six months left on my mission. And goodness
it's almost 2016! I'm feeling like a very old missionary now. In just
a few days I'll be driving Elder Johanson, my trainer, to JFK
International to send him home along with all the sister missionaries
that were in my group coming into the mission.

On Monday, as we were delivering the upstate mail, we made our stop in
Stamford, Connecticut a bit longer than usual so we could grab dinner
and I got to treat Elder Johanson and his current companion to some
mighty fine burgers. Looking back, I realize how immensely blessed I
was to have such an awesome trainer. He's one I plan to keep in touch
with for the rest of my life. Such a great guy! Elder Tyler J
Johanson, also affectionately called "Jo-Daddy."

Today we get to go to a session in the Manhattan Temple. In fact, I'm
writing this as we ride down on the two train through my old area in
the Bronx. We just past the 174th Street Stop, which is right where
Ruby B* Lives. Pretty soon we'll be passing Brother Ford's
apartment building and all the other places I'm so familiar with. I
love the Bronx! It's a hellish place, but somehow I got attached to
it. Haha. Good memories I guess. I'm glad I get to go to the temple
again! It's been so long since I've gotten to do that. So insanely
busy. Ray Smith, from Poughkeepsie will be there along with a bunch of
missionaries I know. I'm looking forward to sitting and listening and
taking some much needed time to think there. Ray will probably take us
to dinner afterwards. He's such a great guy!

Oh! And there goes my favorite pastillas cart! ...sorry, I'm getting
distracted looking out the window.

Back on track. We're looking forward to getting some more time to work
in our proselyting area now that the Christmas Office Rush is over.
We've been swamped for the last few weeks. Now things should
theoretically be slowing down.

Not much else for report. Thanks to all those who sent me Christmas
Cards and gifts! They brighten my days! I love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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