Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Goodbye Moon

I remember, just under two years ago,  my mom and I were wandering around the West Side of manhattan and I was looking around a marveling and repeatedly saying "one day, I'm going to live here."  At the time, neither of us realized how prophetic that statement was.  Then I was called to the New York New York North mission, and we all marveled together!  But today is the day of the ultimate fulfillment of those words.  I have just been transferred to the West Side YSA ward in Manhattan!  My companion is Elder Tanner and he has only been on his mission for six weeks.  I'm going to finish the twelve week training program with him.  Being a YSA ward, hwe cover a large area, from Battery Park, to 110th Street, everything west of Fifth Avenue.  Included in our are is Times Square, the World Trade Center, Central Park, the Empire State Buildin, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Natural History Museum, Madison Square Garden, Juliard, the Flatiron Building, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Riverside Park, nine-tenths of everything anyone would go to see in New grok.  WOW!  One of our Zone Leaders just told me I'm leaving Sodom and moving to Babylon. Haha.
Of course, this means it's been a week of hard goodbyes too.  So here are some goodbye pictures.  And unfortunately that's all the time I have this week for my general email.  Transfers make for a crazy schedule!  I may try to send an email later with some additional information once I've actually gotten to my  new are and stuff.

-Elder Samuel Burton
1. Goodbye Zone
2. Goodbye Elder and Sister Waterman
3. Goodbye Richards Family
4. Goodbye Ruby
5. Goodbye Brother Ford (apparently he says goodby to all the missionaries with a kiss)

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