Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A baptism this week... kind of.

This weekend we have a baptism! Only it's not in our area. It's not in
the Bronx. It's in Poughkeepsie! An investigator up there has asked
that Elder Unice return to baptize him and President Smith said he
could, so this Saturday we'll be going up to Poughkeepsie to visit
Elder Nelson and Elder Glick, and to baptize a man named Anthony.
Rhonda apparently has already learned that I will be there so she is
planning to attend. Haha. It will be weird being back up there for a

We started teaching R*, Ruby's Granddaughter again. She has a
baptismal date for October 16th. She came to church last Sunday and
all the young women flocked around her: "Oh! Your back! We missed
you!" and all that. Apparently she made some friends during her one
visit to church two months ago. Perfect!

P* is still progressing well, but as I suspected, we ran into
some issues with the Word of Wisdom and she's not sure she can give up
smoking by the 26th. Seems like a sensitive issue for her, so we're
going to take it slow and start by helping her give up coffee first.
She said she can do that.

DJ has cancelled on us for every appointment we've set up this week. I
hope he doesn't disappear on us.

Miss B* is quite settled in to the ward now. She knows all the
relief society sisters and always has a beaming smile when she goes
around the church. I bet she'll get baptized one day. It might just
take a bit for her to suppress her Seventh-day Adventist pride. For
now we'll just keep her involved in the church and let the spirit do
the rest.

We had Mission Leadership Council last week. Usually the district
leaders aren't invited, but this time we were. It was great!

A few days ago, I was walking down Whitlock Ave, and my knee decided
it didn't want to bend anymore. I'm not really sure why. So now I'm
sitting down on the subways and walking a bit funny. If it's still
messed-up at transfers, I'll ask Elder Gardner, the mission doctor
about it.

Speaking of which, it's that time again! Shock calls are this
Saturday! Transfer meeting is next Wednesday. I have no idea what's
going to happen, as usual, but we'll see. President Smith has alluded
to the idea that one of us will be sent elsewhere, but he could just
be messing with us.

Got to go now. Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. Me in my favorite sketchy, hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant: King Wok.
2. This is what they call a "community garden" in the Bronx, featuring
some dead plants, a Puerto Rican flag, a shopping cart, and an XL
Barbie doll wearing a Mitt Romney mask.
3. Did I experiment withy the idea of Blueberry Bagel French Toast?
Yes. Was it delicious? Yes!

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