Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Walking on Water.

Okay, so here's the news with transfers:  I'm staying; Elder Unice is staying; everyone in my district is staying, except Elder Nelson, which kills me because I love that kid so darn much!  I call him "that kid" and he's Ben's age, but he calle me "big guy" and I'm 5'5" and 125 pounds.  Elder Pulu has been called to train a new missionary--and he just barely finished being trained by Elder Nelson!  And interestingly enough, Elder Nelson is going up to Poughkeepsie to be companions with Elder Glick!  I'm going to miss Elder Nelson like crazy, but we've already made plans to meet up in a year at an old train station in Ogden, which apparently is a good spot for bottle hunting.
So most exciting news is the baptism this Saturday. D* is so ready! It looks like Bishop Jessop will be baptizing him. D* really wanted Elder Unice or me to baptize him, but our ward mission leader has issues with missionaries baptizing their converts.
DJ's baptismal date is going to be moved again. He's still struggling, but he's not giving up! He's stopped hanging around his friend R* now and his family has been a huge support for him lately. Funny thing: I call DJ "that kid" too, and he's 40! Maybe I need to find some new terms of endearment... Regardless, we're going to get that kid baptized this cycle!
I mentioned last week about how we were going bottle hunting. It was some of the most fun I've had on my mission! We went to Pelham Bay Park, the biggest park in NYC. There was a lovely view of Long Island Sound and some good deep mud. There came a point where Elder Nelson, Elder Wallace, and myself were searching a bit further out than was wise and suddenly we hit a really gooey patch of mud. We all had to sprint across the mud to keep from sinking in and getting stuck. We made it back to shore, but man it was a workout! We were like those lizards that can run on water, except it was actually just really watery mud.
I have to go now, transfer meeting makes our p-day schedule a bit tricky. Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

Here are some pictures!
1. Elder Nelson, me, and some old bottles. 
2. The whole bottle-hunting group: Sister Krieg is front and center. Brother Kreig is the bearded man near the top left. The guy above Sister Kreig is named Peter and he's a funny old man. All the others are missionaries.
3. Some local Bronxites playing in the spray of a fire hydrant. This scene is so common here in the summer, I had to finally take a picture to send to you all.

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