Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gettin' wet.

D* R* was baptized last Saturday! Elder Unice got to baptize him because we struggled so bad to find another priesthood holder that would even be there! Elder Unice kind of bumped D*'s head against the wall of the font on the second try, but the point is he got all the way under! He was confirmed on Sunday, and even received the Aaronic Priesthood already! The R* Family is so awesome! The new member lesson are going to be mission prep for T* too. He's going to be role-play teaching them to us with his dad, D*, as his companion. It's going to be awesome!

On a separate note, it started raining Monday night and I'm beginning to wonder why President Monson hasn't built an ark for us yet, because I've seen some very literal rivers flow down the street. I feel like I'm getting more throughly baptized than David!

DJ is starting to progress again, but very slowly. He's been off the drugs and the cigarettes for about three weeks now, but he's having a hard time kicking the social drinking of all things. He never get drunk or anything, he just has a drink on occasion. We're working on it! He still has motivation and the faith of a madman so I'm optimistic about it!

R* and M* should both be back in New York soon, so hopefully we'll get them on track for baptism as well. 

Earlier this week, Elder Unice and I missed a subway by seconds and so we decided it would be faster to take the next bus than wait for a train running on severe delays. So we went up to the bus stop and immediately someone came up to us and said she and her husband were meeting with missionaries in Queens but just moved up here. We got their info and will be meeting with them soon! BOOM! Miss the train; right place, right time. God moves in a mysterious way.

As I said last week, we got a new Elder in our district, fresh out of the MTC. His name is Elder Hughes from Nevada and today we're in Manhattan because Elder Unice has a doctors appointment, so we get to show the new guy, what downtown NYC is like for the first time in his life! I love just watching his face every time he sees something new and weird and oh so New York!

So I got to go now because Elder Pulu will inevitably get lost in Manhattan without an escort. Until next week...

-Elder Samuel Burton

Photo: H* on my left, D* (holding Baby W*) on my right, and T* on the far right. I love these guys!

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