Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Streetlife Serenade

I would like to start by saying J* is awesome. Such a cool guy. He recently noticed Elder Hunt, a senior missionary on our Ward. He then figured out that not all missionaries are young, college-age kids. So now he really wants to go on a mission! Unfortunately he's not married, so it might be tricky for him to do that, but the desire is definitely there! On Sunday he signed up as a substitute primary teacher, he's going to be blessing the sacrament soon, and he wants t go on a mission!
Anyway, this week has been great! Things are moving right along. Tonight we are going to get training calls, so everyone that's going to be training next transfer cycle will find out. I'm not likely to be training yet, but it is possible. This Saturday is Shock Calls, so I'll find out if I'm going to be transferred and where to. Exciting! And scary. But mostly exciting!
Also exciting news, I'm going to the city today! Elder Nielson is going to Ossining to rehearse for our Christmas devotional with Elder Holtom, who hurt his foot. Elder Nelson (not Nielson) and I are going to Manhattan! His last area was West Side Manhattan, so he knows his way around. We're probably going to hit up the museum of natural history and maybe go down to canal street. It's going to be great! As I'm writing this email, I am riding on the 2 train through th Bronx being serenaded by a man who just got on with a bass guitar and an amp. He just made up a song just for me which he called "Burton, Sing a Song!" Now he singing loves songs to the Jamaican woman sitting across from him. He's actually really good playing the bass! I Love New York!
Also, This last week, I met a woman in the New Rochelle Spanish Ward who started freaking out when she saw me. I found out that roughly 24 years ago she and her family (the Monterrosa Family) were taught and converted by an Elder Burton in Guatemala. She said I look just like him too. She said I have to write home and find out if I have any relatives that served in Guatemala. I know my dad was in Australia, so it's not him. Anyone else?
Well, got to go now. Not much time to email when we go to the city. 
Love all you guys!
-Elder Burton.

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