Wednesday, November 12, 2014

N Why? C

I've realized that there are some aspects of life here which I have
grown accustom to, that are very different from life in Utah. Obvious,
I know, but it just dawned on me that in a year and eight months I'm
not likely to be harassed by some drugged up guy; I won't have to
stand in the far corner of elevators to avoid the puddle of urine; I
won't see black people at church anymore. And though I miss the more
prevalent sobriety in Utah and I still don't understand why SO MANY
people feel the need to pee in an elevator (really, it's shockingly
common), many of the day to day aspects of life here are more or less
normal to me now. Tracting project buildings opens your eyes to a new
world of Ebonics, drug deals, and various bodily fluids.  And these
are just the projects in the suburbs of New York City! On the other
hand, having dinner with one of the millionaires in the Ward also
opens your eyes to a new world. Just a very different one. Well,
that's New York.
The Westchester stake had it's stake conference this last weekend,
which is great, because it means I got to spend some time in the
Bronx. They hold stake conference at the Kingsbridge chapel. We took
J* with us, because as a native New Yorker he knows how to get
around the Bronx a lot better than we do. We got to attend both the
Saturday evening session and the Sunday morning one. So twice this
week we parked on a street covered in trash bags, slid passed the
drunk guy that was blocking the stairs to yell at people for spare
change, and got on the subway (note: subways in the Bronx are actually
above the ground). Stake Conference was great! I was happy to see a
familiar face there: Jenny Richards from back on Hugo Avenue! The
talks were great, mostly focused on missionary work and temple work.
That's good because we're missionaries and we're helping J* and
P* prepare for the temple. There was one talk given by the stake
president, President Jefferies, that every missionary could see was
directed at the Yonkers spanish Ward. They've been having a few
problems lately and the forecast is suggesting we might soon have a
Yonkers English Ward instead of an English branch and a Spanish branch
instead of an spanish Ward. A lot of people are switching over to get
out of there.
Anyway, that's not important. We've been doing a lot of lookups for
potential investigators and less actives recently. One of the lookups
turned into a dinner appointment for us, which is always nice: steak
and potatoes.
On a split last Friday, I got a small taste of what my good friend
Nate O'Brien is experiencing on his mission in Peru. We had dinner at
a Peruvian investigators home, and she made some very good Peruvian
food. She told me to tell everyone in Utah to go to Peruvian
restaurants, because not enough of them do. Haha.
Other than that, this weeks been fairly uneventful. We have Zone
Conference tomorrow (which means back to the Bronx again!) and
transfers in two weeks.
Right now I'm sitting at the scarsdale chapel with some other elders
as my companion practices with everyone that's going to be in our
mission's Christmas devotional. He's playing cello. I didn't make the
cut for the choir, so at least I have some extra time to write home.
Well, that's all for now. Talk to you later.
-Elder Samuel Burton

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