Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Bouquet of newly sharpened pencils"

Hello again,
Today in New York is looking lovely with a light misting of rain
putting an air of mystery about the whole place. The trees are really
starting to break out in full color for autumn. I love New York in the
fall! And incidentally I just bought a bunch of newly sharpened
pencils (I'm sorry if you don't get the "You've Got Mail" reference)
so I will hopefully be writing more handwritten letters. No
guarantees, but that's the goal.
This week has been great. We got two referrals for one member, which
never happens! We're excited to check those out. We tracted into an
Italian man who just moved here and didn't speak a lick of English; I
wish Ben was there! Also, we may have met a witch... I'm not sure. We
saw a tiny rundown house that was hidden in a cave of tree branches
and ivy. The dark atmosphere cast by the foliage along with a
flickering porch light and wispy white curtains blowing through the
open window confirmed to us that this house was most definitely
haunted. So of course we had to go knock on the door! The porch was
littered with broken furniture and cardboard boxes and a smell of
something that must have died several months before hung in the air.
When we knocked, a glimmer of a face peered through the dark window
and shortly after an ancient woman answered the door. She smiled in a
friendly way and we of course announced to her that we are
missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She
then said, "yes, come in." So, a bit surprised by the response, we
did. We were led to a dimly lit living room where a woman that was
somehow even older sat shriveled up like a raisin in an armchair. I've
never seen someone that looked so old! In the scratchy voice of an
ex-smoker, the older woman said, "Who is it?"
"We're missionaries from the--"
"We're missionaries--"
"what?? Speak louder!"
"WHAT? I can't hear you. Speak louder."
She then started yelling in gibberish (possibly casting a spell) and
the other woman said something along the lines of "maybe not right
now" and showed us out. I'm not really sure what was happened.
Anyway, we're excited to have a few investigators coming to the
broadcast of General Conference at the chapel, D* included, even
though he's worried his family will find out. J* is right and ready
to be baptized. Just needs the interview and the dunk. The gospel
principles teachers love him because he always asks good, relevant
questions, sincerely seeking to understand and learnt. He stands in
stark contrast to our investigator B*, who seems to ask questions
seeking to stir up contention.
Even though I'm excited that J* is going to be baptized, I'm worried
I'm going to get transferred right before. Transfers are the Wednesday
before his baptism. We get shock calls this Saturday and training
calls tonight. Elder Johanson and I are both hoping to stay in this
area one more cycle so we can be there for it.
Thanks again for all the love and support!
-Elder Samuel Burton

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