Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sprain Brook Parkway

Hello everyone!
This week has been interesting. Right after I sent out emails last
week, I rolled my ankle playing basketball. It didn't seem too bad at
the time, so I just walked it off. Later that day, the spanish elders
dropped us off on Manhattan avenue, because it was our car fast day
for the week. I noticed my ankle was hurting a bit more, but didn't
think much of it. After our first appointment, I couldn't walk
anymore. And my ankle was swollen up and I couldn't put any weight on
it. With elder Johanson as a crutch, we hobbled over to the house of
our self-proclaimed godparents, Wanda and Milton. They said we could
go to them if we ever needed help with anything, and fortunately they
lived just a few houses away. Unfortunately, they weren't home. So we
hobbled to a nearby K-mart, again with elder Johanson as my crutch,
and bought an ice pack and some Advil. There is a bright side to the
story though. As we waited on a bench for the Spanish elders to pick
us up again, one of the k-mart employees came out and talked with us
for a minute, we were able to share a bit about what we believe and
what we do as missionaries. He didn't give us his address or phone
number, but said that we should come by the k-mart sometime to talk to
him again. Later that night we found crutches in a closet in our
apartment, so using those I was able to still go out and work
everyday. Now it's mostly healed and I don't need the crutches
Other than that, things have been going well this last week. We had a
great meeting with J* just yesterday. His baptism is going to be
pushed back because of general conference, but he is still eager to be
baptized. He's becoming friends with a member named Brother Mark
Bench, the stake patriarch and apparently former mayor of Scarsdale.
J* is so eager to learn more and has so much faith. He's so great!!!
We also got to teach the CTR 7 primary class... That was quite an
experience. They talked a lot, but we managed to keep them pretty
focused. Another exciting thing that happened on Sunday: my uncle
Brandon showed up at sacrament meeting! That was a pleasant and quite
unexpected surprise. It's nice to see an old familiar face.
Also this last week I met A*, who Elder Johanson has met a few
times, but only on splits. He just sits on a crate on the sidewalk in
front of the projects all day everyday. He's a cool guy, but isn't
interested in learning about our church. We just stop to talk for a
minute when we see him. Interesting things happen in front of the
projects. During the fifteen minutes we were talking to A*, we
watched at least two drug deals, a woman vomit on the street, a fist
fight between a guy and his girlfriend (the guy lost), and we learned
that you can store meth in you cell phone battery compartment. And I'm
in one of the nicest zones in the mission! I can't wait to get to
I must also make a quick shout out to my mother, my friend Rose
Coshow, and everyone else that helped me learn how to cook. My
companion and the elders in my apartment are very grateful to you.
This last week a new mission rule was made: only one companionship per
dinner appointment. So now instead of both us and the sister
missionaries in our ward going to dinner with the members, only one of
us can. With half as many dinner appointments, we need to make a lot
more of our own meals.
Things are still going great. Still working hard, still loving the work!
Thanks for all the love and support!
-Elder Samuel Burton

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