Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I can't think of a good subject line this week...

Elder Richards has been sick lately, which slowed us down a bit over
the last week. We've also been experiencing significant difficulty
getting our investigators to progress lately. A* is the only
exception. He is doing amazing. He's finished the Book of Mormon
already. We have lesson scheduled with him at a members home this
evening. He's coming to church. We just need to get our other
investigators to be so diligent. D* definitely has the most
potential of anyone we're working with, but he's at some sort of a
roadblock. He's entirely ready to be baptized, but he just won't
commit to it. He's been at church almost every week for almost a year.
Many of the members think he's already been baptized! We haven't been
able to identify what's holding him back.

We had zone conference this week. It was a really great meeting and I
have lots of notes, but the foremost impression I received from it was
to try to contact D* r*. If you remember, D* R* is a convert from when I was in the Bronx. You may also recall that while I
was serving in the mission office, his wife passed away and I attended
the funeral. At the time they were living in Harlem, and I believe
D* still is. If so, that means he's in our geographic area. He also
happens to fit into our demographic of single adults between the ages
of 31 and 45, though I don't think it's been long enough for me to
suggest he attend our Branch. Still, I feel like we should look him
up. From what I understand, the church has lost contact with him since
the funeral. Hopefully he would be willing to talk with me and we
could get him reactivated in the Harlem Ward.

On Saturday we had the privilege of hosting the Alma Academy. Every
year the Yorktown Stake take it's sixteen and older youth to Manhattan
to spend a day with the missionaries. We organized a bunch of APFs
(Area Proselyting Focuses--which is basically a big finding activity)
in different parts of the city and had them rotate in shifts through
them all. I was paired on a split with one of the young men named
M* who was super cool. He graduated High School when he was sixteen
and is getting ready to go on a mission this coming December.

On Sunday, I ran into the Wagstaff family at church! They were
attending the Manhattan 1st Ward in our building. Then I ran into
Emmaline Zenger, who was attending the YSA Ward! It's a small world in
the church! It's nice to see familiar faces every now and then. There
probably isn't another mission in the world where such encounters are
so common.

That's all for this week. I'll attach some photos. Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. Elder Richards, Elder Newbold, Elder Moss, Elder Wulff, Elder
Sanford, and Me at Zone Conference.
2. The Alma Academy group.
3. A Chalk Drawing we did in Central Park for an APF.
4. Gotta love them baptists.

​Holly additions: I added  two pictures of 'Sam sightings'  sent by friends​.

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