Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We had a great week!

Unfortunately it was a thrown off quite a bit when Elder Hansen got
sick. He pretty much just stayed in bed for two days feeling
miserable. He's still kind of recovering, but he's well enough that we
can go out to work for several hours every day. We managed to get
quite a bit done in spite of his illness.

We also got a surprise snowstorm that threw us off a bit. It was
snowing for about a day and a half. We got a good few inches. Now it's
mostly gone though. I guess winter is trying to make up for the
pitiful exhibition it made during its allotted months. Apparently most
places in the mission just got some rain instead.

Conference, of course, was fantastic. A lot of particularly great
talks this time. I didn't realize it at the time, but Elder Arnold of
the seventy gave us a sneaks preview of his when he visited our
mission several months ago. One particular moment that I just loved
though was immediately after Elder Kearon gave his beautiful talk on
Christlike love and service, specifically speaking of helping the
millions of refugees around the world. When President Uchtdorf got up
to conduct and announce he next segment and he was so plainly holding
back tears as he spoke. It took me a half a second of wondering before
the realization hit me that he was once a refugee like those spoken of
in Elder Kearon's talk. That just made the whole preceding talk that
even more powerful! There were so many great ones though! I have a lot
I'm planning to read through later.

We got K* back on track again. He was kind of disappearing for a
while. Now he's back though. We're going to be setting anew baptismal
date with him in Thursday.
We also had a great lesson with L*. He's so awesome! He's so
prepared to hear the gospel. It's going to be great! If things go as I
envision them to, by the time he goes back to North Carolina we'll
have him practically ready to be baptized. I bet he'll serve a mission
some day too!

-Elder Samuel Burton


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