Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We've had the last of our Zone Conferences, thank goodness. It's more
work than realized to put those on. Now we get to move on to just
worrying about our other duties, like mail and such.

Yesterday we spent the day delivering mail and moving furniture into a
high rise by the temple for a new senior couple we're expecting in our
mission in a few weeks. They have a super nice apartment! We also
helped a family move in our ward. In fact much of our time this last
week has been spent moving things around. We moved all the bunk beds
in the mission home so that the Smith's kids can have a room to hang
out in with their friends. Tonight we're going over to help President
Smith move some more furniture around and to take some stuff to
goodwill for him.

The weaker tis week has been unreal! For a few days, it didn't get
above 19 degrees. We woke up one morning, saw that it was eighteen
degrees outside and we were like, dang. At least it will get warmer
throughout the day. It didn't as they day went on it just got colder
and colder. We hit something like negative six by dinner. Then one
day, it started snowing. Snow piled up all morning. Then, at 7:30 at
night, it started raining instead. By the time we got home it was
something like fifty degrees, and by the next morning all the snow had
melted. I don't understand what's going on! Must be El Niño.

Unfortunately, S* and G* cancelled on us for our last
appointment and B* has kind of fallen off the face of the earth, so
we haven't been able to teach our usual investigators. We did get to
teach a lovely class of eight-year-olds in primary on Sunday though.
We taught them about Nephi crossing the ocean in a boat. Man, I don't
think I knew half as much as they do when I was eight! I almost felt
out of my league, and I'm a missionary for goodness sakes.

They also had me be the primary pianist because all the musicians in
the ward were out of town for President's Day weekend. That was scary,
but it ended up okay. I also got to speak in sacrament meeting on the
history and importance of music in the church.

Oh! I also got to go to City Island this week! It's a little island in
the Bronx that's the coolest little town on the planet! It's
technically part of New York City, but it's so removed and has a very
New England seaside town vibe. I like it there. I particularly like
that the main road has a center left turn lane going down the whole
thing like the roads back in Utah. That's not really a thing out here.
It's so useful though!

We've been so busy all week, but most of the things we do what
probably bore you all: sorting mail, transporting missionaries,
helping Sister Smith prepare meals for missionaries. Sorry for the
lack of interesting content in this email.

Thanks for the love and support you send my way. I feel like I have an
army behind me out here!
Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

Photo: part of New Rochelle with the NYC skyline in the background. (I
know I've sent pictures of this view before, but it's so cool!)

​Other photos from the mission blog: Zone conference weeks.​

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