Wednesday, February 3, 2016

...and bagels.

So the big difference between this cycle and last cycle is Zone
Conferences. Last cycle was interviews. This one is Zone Conferences.
With interviews, 
mith just goes around and meets with every
missionary in the mission. As office staff, we are largely uninvolved.
But with Z
ne Conferences, we have to wake up at 4:00, drive things
and people around, set up chairs and tables, make sure the projector
is working, organize lunch, listen to the same trainings over and over
again, and photographically document the event. We've done two so far
and we have three more over the next week. I'm about ready to collapse
from exhaustion! But we get fresh bagels from the bagel shop in
Scarsdale every single morning we do a zone conference, so it's all
worth it.

The meetings have completely shot our proselyting schedule though. I'm
still trying to figure out how to make time to deliver mail this week.
So unfortunately, no traditional proselyting stories to tell this
week. I have gotten to do some good preaching of the word though!
President Smith called on me to give a spur of the moment talk on
accountability and prayer in the middle of Zone Conference. The weird
thing is that I can do that now without even stressing. I know the
doctrine and I know it's true, so I just open my mouth and the Lord
does the rest. This really is HIS work and no one else's. Certainly
not mine. I would have messed it up by now.

So that is about the sum total of my oral preaching this week (I guess
there's district meeting training too though...). But I have had the
opportunity to share the gospel through music lately though. The
missionaries in our ward were asked to perform a musical number for
sacrament meeting, so we threw together a men's quartet for "Brightly
Beams Our Father's Mercy" with Sister Sam on the piano. Then our zone
was asked to put together a musical number for the
Westchester/Kingsbridge Zone Conference, so I also got to be in an
octet for "Abide with Me!"

We had a great baptismal service on Sunday. Not for an investigator,
but for a little boy named GM*. We've worked a little bit
with his older brother J* to help him get ready for his mission. He
left for the MTC on Monday, and will be in Philadelphia in a few
weeks, but first, he got to baptize his little brother. He's a convert
to the church, and is going to be a solid missionary there.

That's all to report for this week. Here are some pictures though!

-Elder Samuel Burton


1. Elder Tanner, myself, and the assistants, Elder Wulff and Elder
Jimenez at a Zone Conference (eating our lovely bagels)
2. J* and his little brother GM* right before the baptism.
​3. ​Everyone at the Westchester/Kingsbridge Zone Conference
​4. The Octet
5.The beautiful bagels!

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