Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Though belated...

...winter pounded us hard! We thought maybe she was going to leave us
alone this year, but turns out she was just taking some time off to
practice her upper cut, and dang, she just about perfected it. Ouch.

To elaborate, in case I lost you all on that analogy, we were hit by a
good size blizzard this last week. We got a good few feet of snow in
just 24 hours. Enough to make up for the lack of snow we've had up to
this point. So we spent all Saturday, Sunday, and parts of Monday and
Tuesday shoveling snow. I don't think I've every moved so much snow in
my life! And coming from my background in Burton Landscaping &
Maintenance, that's saying something. We cleared all the walkways
around the church, walkways around our building, the parking area for
our building, all around our Landlady's pizza shop, and a random
house. We also rescued a few buried cars. In most places the snow was
about two feet deep, but some snow drifts we as tall as me! When we
were told we weren't allowed to drive, we just grabbed shovels and
went walking about. It never took more a minute of walking to find
someone in need of help.

So snow removal service has taken most of our time over the last week.
The regular mail deliveries took up the rest. So that's all I have to
report this week... Sorry.

Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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