Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade starts at 72nd street, in the
Manhattan 1st Ward and Ends smack dab in the middle of the Union
Square Ward at 34th Street. I spent most of thanksgiving within a
block of the parade route, and I did not see a single float, balloon,
or anything. Haha. I wasn't really looking though. We spent our
thanksgiving contacting in the crowds of people going to and from the
parade and then we had a lovely thanksgiving dinner with the Calder
family. Sister Calder makes what might be the best sweet potatoes I
have ever eaten. Everything else was delicious as well. So
Thanksgiving in turned out to be more or less like any other day as a
missionary, except people on the streets were a bit cheerier than
usual and so was our dinner.

Things are still going well here. We decided we need to give K*
just one extra week to be fully prepared to make the covenant of
baptism, so he will be baptized on December 12th. Both T* and A*
will have their baptismal dates moved as well. T* because--as
willing as he is--he's just not understanding everything. A* because
his work schedule only allows for us to meet once a week now.  A*
should be baptized on January 2nd and T* is still TBD.

Elder Nelson and I are doing awesome! Manhattan is a rough place for
missionaries, but we are still enjoying ourselves thoroughly! The East
Coast is still hanging on to the last bits of Autumn--temperatures
floating between 40 and 60 for the most part with an incessant rainy
atmosphere. We have yet to see any snow.

We met an interesting character the other day. A woman named J*
(I'm still trying to figure that one out) who owns a lovely vintage
clothing store on 14th Street. Looking at the way she was dressed and
her hairstyle, coupled with the fact that she is a born and raised New
Englander, I was surprised that the first thing she said to us was
"Oh! You guys almost had a president!" and then she started going off
about how she loved Mitt Romney. We listened politely for a short
moment, which turned into a long moment, which turned into a
fifteen-minute, no-pause-for-breath sermon preaching Donald Trump, and
Christian global domination. It was pretty intense! She was super
friendly, even offering us an amazing deal on vintage cowboy boots,
but we literally could not get a word in. We were able to leave her
with a card and a good impression, and escape without drowning in

Another week down and it's been a good one. Thanks for the love and support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. We tracted a super tall project building and found a little balcony
on the top floor. Cool view!
2. New York is becoming more and more racist. They have now segregated
the famous black-and-white cookie.

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