Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good things coming

Good things are happening in Manhattan! A*, our investigator from Sri
Lanka is back in town and back on track for baptism! We set a new
baptismal date for him: December 5th. We also committed a guy named
K* to be baptized on December 5th as well. He's the boyfriend of a
recent convert the sisters have taught. They handed him off to us this
week and we had a great first lesson. He wants so badly to be
baptized. He's made some big changes in his life recently and has a
few more to go, but he is committed! He says he wants to serve a
mission like us after he's baptized!

We also have some referrals from other missionaries to check out. We
may have a solid teaching pool here soon. I'm optimistic that this
area has some good things coming!

Next week, E* (in the YSA Ward) will be baptized! He has his
interview with the Zone Leaders tomorrow.

We've taken a bit of a beating from the locals recently with the new
changes in Handbook 1. A lot of harassment from people on the streets.
Two of our sisters were spit on in generous amounts while riding the
subway. Later on they got messages from two different members telling
them that they had friends who were in that subway car who were quite
impressed by the dignity they displayed through their persecutions.
Things are calming down now though. If things are still causing you
problems, pray about it. We know the 1st Presidency prayed about it
and received revelation. You can pray about it too and see what the
spirit says to you about it.

Not much else to report this week. Thanks for the prayers, love, and support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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