Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Atlantic Breeze

The cold of winter is sending its first greetings of the year here in
New York. No snow yet, like you all got back in Utah, but dang that
Atlantic wind is frigid! Everyday we get a nor'easter breeze from off
the sea and the long avenues become air ducts to condition the whole
island of Manhattan in cold ocean air. But recently it's blowing in
some success, so I won't complain!

We've had a busy week! A* and K* are still progressing towards
baptism on  December 5th. We were able to reestablish contact with a
young Haitian man named L* who says he wants to be baptized, but
wants to wait until he can rearrange his work schedule to come to
church on Sundays. We had an awesome lesson with him. We read the
story of Nephi obtaining the brass plates and compared him to Nephi,
saying if he is willing to go an do what the Lord asks, the way will
be prepared. He said he didn't feel worthy to be compared to Nephi and
feels more like Laman and Lemuel, but he wants to become like Nephi.
So we went through a few chapters and picked out what made Nephi
different from his murmurous brothers. It was an awesome lesson, full
of the spirit! We also met Brother Troy Campbell, husband of Sister
Campbell, who is a member of the Ward. He came to church with her on
Sunday and by the third hour he was saying he wants to join! We will
be meeting with him in just a bit and hopefully setting a date for
baptism! This is what I was hoping for! We work hard and people start
progressing and popping up to be taught. This area will be booming in
no time!

Exciting news! E* (the Saturday Night Live writer I was
teaching in the YSA Ward) is going to be baptized this Saturday and he
asked me to baptize him! I'm so excited! I need to find where I put my
white pants!

New Yorker profile for this week is a wonderful gentleman named Larry
Knox! He was born into an LDS family in Connecticut and served a
mission in Southern California. He is in his forties. He is currently
engaged to a woman who was recently released from prison in the
Philippines. He will shortly be flying there to bring her back to the
US and marry her. He brings a different treat to church every week for
the missionaries to take home, most recently, a Costco-size pack of
Toblerone bars. He has an unusually bright an cheery disposition for
an east coast man. He currently lives in Queens.

I'm happy as ever! The Gospel is true as ever!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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