Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Too busy to think of a subject for this email

Another exciting week in Manhattan. Things are crazy as ever being a
district leader in such a HUGE district (that is, by number of
missionaries; tiny geographic area though) keeps me busy. A lot of
people to help out, a lot of issues to deal with, but it's all going
well and we're seeing a lot of success in this area.

Being in a YSA ward is a really strange experience. So quiet during
sacrament meeting. So many people my age. It's different. The members
in this ward are awesome though. It's going to great working with

We got a text message from A* during district meeting. She told
her parents she is going to be baptized, and though they didn't
object, they didn't give there support either. Apparently they just
asked her what the LDS church even is. So she started to tell them and
now they're reading the Book of Mormon! I don't know what part of
Texas they live in, but who knows, maybe Elder Hafen will end up
teaching them one day. Haha. Luckily, she happened to have a Hungarian
copy of the Book of Mormon too, so they can read it in their native

We started teaching a guy named Y* who lives in Brooklyn. He's in
Manhattan on the weekends, so he can only go to church here. Thus, we
get to teach him in person on the weekends, or over Skype on weekdays.
He seems pretty cool. He was initially found by missionaries when he
just walked into church one Sunday and said he wanted to be taught.
It's been several months since missionaries have been able to contact
him though. Now he's back on the grid and we hope to set a baptismal
date soon.

Most of our work is finding people and referring them to other
missionaries, because most people we meet in our area don't actually
live there, but the work is going good. I'm sure we'll be getting
referrals from other missionaries around Manhattan to. Or, like in
A*'s case, from other countries. So many people coming and

Gotta run now! Busy day, lots to do. We have a Zone P-day Activity we
have to be at and we have to get our laundry, groceries, and cleaning
done before that. Love you all, thanks for the support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

1. A room with a view (the apartment of the other elders in my district)
2. Night in midtown
3. Times Square at a distance. SUPER BRIGHT.

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