Wednesday, August 26, 2015


So last week we looked up a guy named T* who ordered a Book of
Mormon. He told us he can't let us in because the building he lives in
is owned by a government program and he's not allowed to have guests.
He said maybe he could meet us at the local Dunkin Donuts sometime
though. When we left I turned to Elder Unice and said, "That guy is
crazy. We should not teach him." So of course as soon as I'm gone on a
split, Elder Unice sets up an appointment with him. So yesterday was
that appointment. We met with him at a Dunkin Donuts. We sat down and
he immediately started going off about how the Aluminate is about to
open a Satanic portal to let Lucifer into the world, and how half the
voices in his head are leading him to be good, but half of them are
telling him to stab people with forks, and how he's been having an
internal battle with a entity named Jungle Cat who's trying to take
over his body, and how he has arguments with him but other people
think he's just arguing with himself, and how the clouds tell him
things. He didn't stop talking for a half hour straight! So I spent
most of that half hour giving Elder Unice my best I-told-you-so look.
We do not plan on teaching him again. Good news is, I've gotten really
good at spotting the crazies, which I'm told will be a big help once I
get back into the dating world.

Anyway, we've had another great week! We set a baptismal date with a
woman named P* who has been binge-reading the Book of Mormon for
the past few weeks. She's got it all marked up an everything! She
should be baptized on September 26th!

DJ is still moving along slowly. He got a job now, which makes meeting
with him a lot harder, but he still wants to be baptized.

Unfortunately Ruby's bad knees kept her from Church this week, but
other than that, she's doing awesome!

The Richards are awesome, of course! I taught the Plan of Salvation
with Tylil as my companion last Friday and it was awesome! The gave us
fried chicken. Tylil blew his mom away with his vast wisdom and
knowledge and now she is 100% convinced he needs to serve a mission.
YES! Next Friday, David will be teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
with Elder Unice. Unfortunately, they still haven't been able to find
a new place to live yet and on Saturday there was a fire in their
building, so everything still has the faint hint of smoke. They really
need to get out of this place!

I'm happy as ever and I love NYC! Got to run and get laundry done now.

-Elder Samuel Burton

​Pictures: ​The Sky was looking beautiful at the Hunts Point Ave subway stop
yesterday evening!

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