Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can you say... BRONX?

Earlier this week we saw a guy on a bike pulling a shopping cart that
was chained to the frame. BRONX. A crazy hunchbacked lady was cursing
to the sky in the middle of a busy intersection. BRONX. Someone pooped
on our building's doorstep. BRONX. A random abuelita in the laundromat
who didn't speak English just gave us a free pastilla. BRONX. I
tripped over a pigeon. BRONX .

...And that's just a few of this week's BRONX moments.

Wow, this week flew by! WOW, this cycle flew by! It's already over!
Shock calls are this Saturday! Oh dear. My prediction is that Elder
Beardall is leaving. The APs were hinting that he needs to start doing
language study again, which means he's probably going back to the
Portuguese program again. But really, as with every transfer, there is
no telling what will happen.

This week has been quite busy. We've been finalizing preparations for
R*'s baptism this coming Saturday! (she passed her interview last
Saturday, by the way). She's invited just about everyone she knows and
she told us she plans to give a speech at her baptism to share her
testimony with them all and inviting them to come to church and meet
with the missionaries. She has a lot of respect in the local religious
community, so we might get some seriously interested people out of
this! She's already been telling us about people questioning her about
why she decided to be baptized into this church. She's asked the stake
president, who I know from the Scarsdale Ward, to baptize her. She met
him once and just kept saying he had a glow about him, and that he
must really love Jesus. So when we asked her who she wanted to baptize
her, he was the number one choice. She asked me to confirm her the
next day, so that will be a first for me!

DJ is doing great! He has been going strong living the word of wisdom
for over a week now! He's got so much desire, I love it! We'll be
teaching him the plan of salvation tonight.

Later today I have the privilege of sharing dinner with he
Breinholts!!! That was a pleasant surprise to get that email from them
earlier this week. I'm so excited! Interestingly, just yesterday,
Elder Beardall's brother took us out for lunch. When it rains it

I have more updates to share, but so little time.  I'm afraid I'm
going to have to wrap this one up.

-Elder Samuel Burton

Some street pics.

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