Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tree hundred tirty tree

Another amazing week! R* came to church, and she loved it! The next
lesson we had with her she just said "all of it's true, and the church
is good, and I saw the font in the relief society room. So how does
baptism go in your church?" She's going to be baptized June 20th! It's
amazing to see how the spirit has been working on her, even just in
these last two weeks. We've never even taught her the Word of Wisdom
or about tithing and fast offerings, but last time we met with her she
taught them to us, even explaining the difference between what tithing
is used for and what fast offerings are used for! She was telling us
how she gave up coffee and tea already because she felt like she
needed to to follow the teachings of the bible! This woman has pulled
out every piece of true doctrine from only the bible through her own
study and prayer already! She's amazing! This is what happens when
people sincerely seek out the truth through the proper mediums. They
find it.

Here's a fun moment from yesterday's lesson with R*: She has a thick
Jamaican accent, which makes every conversation entertain. She was
telling us about some born-again fraud on TV that was preaching that
people would have prosperity if they called in and sent him (in R*'s
voice) "tree hundred tirty tree dollars" because "Jeremiah tirty tree
: tree" talks about prosperity. She just kept saying "tree hundred
tirty tree tirty tree tree!" She's so sweet! A real gem, and so
prepared for the gospel. Ain't no TV priestcrafter fooling her! Though
sadly, he must be fooling many others to keep in business like that.

We've started working with a less active man named V*. When we
visited him for the first time, his house was loaded with j-dub
material, and he was saying stuff about how you cease to exist when
you die and other j-dub doctrine. Oh dear. Luckily, he recognized that
somethingwas wrong because he said he was so confused about everything
and he knows that God is not a God of confusion. We plan to teach him
all the missionary lessons again to help him straighten things out.

Crazy stuff is still going on in the Bronx. We spent a very long
subway ride talking with (or rather being talked at by) a crazy guy. I
think he was hopped up LSD or something. He was leaning forward right
in our faces and had his eyes open so wide I thought they'd get stuck
like that... Actually maybe they were stuck like that; he didn't blink
once. He was mumbling all sorts of crazy weird things. One of his
pupils was super dilated and the other wasn't. So he was just wigging
out from the time we got on until we got off, then he followed us off
the subway and started walking down the street talking to himself. On
another subway ride that day, we watched the cops come down into the
subway and arrest the woman sitting next to us on the bench. Just
another day in the Bronx!

We had the privilege of having dinner with President and Sister Morgan
his last week. Because Elder Beardall knows a ton about computers,
President Morgan made an appointment with us to have Elder Beardall
extract some files from an old, virus-ridden computer at the mission
home, and had us stay for dinner afterwards.

That's all I've got for this week. Love you all!

-Elder Samuel Burton

Pics: Subway mosaic, subway stain glass, subway. Elder Beardall and I.

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