Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hyde 'n' Seek

Hello everyone!
We've been in Hyde Park for one week now and I like it. It's nice
living with the zone leaders, the pad isn't as nice, but I feel more
comfortable there. This is the first time I've had to use a
laundromat! Haha. That shows you just how nice I've had it so far.
I've been spoiled. It's really nice to be so close to where our work
is now, not so much time wasted driving. But at the same time, most of
our work is slowly slipping away as we introduce everyone we've been
teaching to the sister missionaries. They better take good care of
those investigators! We haven't had too much success from finding. We
have had some luck with a family called the G*. I forget if I
mentioned them before... I definitely should have but I think I might
have forgot. I'll summarize: we were tracting once on a very cold day
when a random lady invited us in for dinner with her family. They were
super nice, but not too interested. We gave them our number and got
theirs, but we haven't had much luck setting anything up with them.
Then last Sunday, out of the blue, they invited us over for dinner
again! Awesome! Chicken and dumplings. We had a great dinner and
taught them a bit about the restoration. They don't seem very
interested still, but they really like us and say they're going to
have us over for dinner a lot. I bet they'll come around eventually!
They're some of the nicest people I've ever met!
Other than that, we've had little success in our actual area. We have,
however, had some success online. We're teaching one of Elder
L'Esperance's friends back home and it's going super well. We're also
teaching a French-speaking African in Harlem who is awesome! They
don't have french-speaking missionaries down there so they referred
him to us online. We teach him over Skype on occasion, but it's tricky
because I can't speak or understand. We do the best we can though, I
sometimes share a thought or my testimony of something and Elder
L'Esperance translates.
Exciting news! There are two baptism in our area this Saturday, both
people we've had some sort of influence with. The first one is G*,
who I mentioned a month or two ago. We taught her briefly while we
were Ina trio with Elder Allred, during which time she was evicted
from her home. She's since been taught by the Zone Leaders. We see her
at church every week though. The other one is T*. She's the woman
we found on the street in Beacon several weeks ago. I'm pretty sure I
mentioned her, though not by name. She's awesome! We only taught her
that first day we met her, because she lives in the poughkeepsie 1st
Ward and we work in the second, but we see her around quite a bit.
More exciting news! We have an unexpected Mission Conference tomorrow.
All 250ish missionaries are gathering at the Lincoln Center Chapel (in
the temple building) for some sort of special training thing. They
just announced it last Friday. We have to get up at 5 am tomorrow to
catch a train to Grand Central and subsequent subway to the Lincoln
Center. Also, apparently we're doing a musical number. Elder Reid from
the Stamford Zone and Elders Fronk, L'Esperance, and myself from the
Poughkeepsie Zone met up yesterday and threw together an quartet
arrangement for the hymn "Abide With Me!" It's all pretty last minute,
but it should be good.
We're looking forward to some good finding time this next week or so
as we try to rebuild our teaching pool. Not much has come of our
efforts to seek new investigators this week. Just got to keep at it,
work harder, and good things will come.
Got to go now. Love you all!
-Elder Samuel Burton

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