Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Surprise! It's me! only on a Tuesday this week. We got a phone call
earlier this week and President Morgan said p-day is Tuesday for this
week only. Sorry if you were going to write to me today, I won't be
able to respond until next week.
So we've had another good week. Everything is set for J*'s baptism
and it is going to happen this Saturday. He is so ready and so
excited! So are we! Much of last week was spent coordinating with
J*, President Morgan, the Bishop, and everyone else that's involved.
When we worked out the program for the baptism with him, he requested
that the musical number be "Come Come Ye Saints," which is a hymn they
played the first time he came to sacrament meeting and he really liked
it. He requested that I play it, so now I have to work out an
arrangement of that before Saturday. That's stressful, but I think I
can do it. (Thanks Grandma B)
Also, The member we work with named P* is getting the priesthood
this Sunday too. We met with him again on Saturday, he met with the
bishop Sunday, and the bishop said next week. When we met with him on
Saturday we had a great discussion just standing out in front of his
building, but it was interrupted when a car ran a red light in from of
his building and the back end was hit. The two drivers got out and
started working it out (very loudly) but we tried to just continue our
discussion. About five minutes later, another car hit the same car
that was hit the first time. This driver got out two and joined the
yelling. Five minutes later, like clockwork, yet another car slammed
head on into the same car that was hit the first time. This time, all
the people in the car got out and started sprinting down the street
away from the scene and never came back. Despite New Yorkers' apparent
inability to see other cars, no one was hurt and we managed to have a
great discussion.
In other news, I have been authorized for online proselyting, as
anyone who has seen my Facebook page knows. It only took me about an
hour to clean out my Facebook page. For some people it takes months to
get it fully ready for online proselyting. Luckily I didn't use
Facebook much before my mission, so there wasn't much there to clean
Well that's all for now. We may be going to the city for p-day next
week. Until then...
-Elder Samuel Burton


I didn't get a picture, but here are some of me and elder Nielson.

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