Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friends in High Places

Another great week in the Empire State!
I'm loving it here as much as ever. Today we gave up half our p-day
for car inspections and transfer meeting. I'm staying in Westchester,
as expected. Elder Johanson is staying with me too, as expected. We
have a new addition to our apartment though: Elder Palmer. Don't know
much about him, but he seems really nice so far.
This week I got a new father (sorry, dad). A guy named M* who
we've visited a few times has started referring to himself as our
godfather. He and his wife W* love us! He loves to sit and talk
with us. Whenever we stop by to talk with him he opens the door with a
smile and tells us how happy he is to see us and how great the work we
do is. He's a saxophone player, who seems to have done quite well in
his profession. He's played with several big names, including Stevie
Wonder, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles. He said he's met Billy Joel, but
has never played with him. He was the band manager of the Apollo
Theatre. He claims the title "the Super-N****r of Florida." He has
friends in some very high places because of his career: politicians
like Glen Beck, multi-millionaires like Donald Trump. He said he wants
to introduce us to some of them, and actually wants us to teach them
too. Haha. Besides that, he likes to give us some godfatherly advice
on how to find and teach people. He basically told us everything they
teach in the MTC. A lot of true doctrine comes out of his mouth when
he talks. In his prayer at the end of our last meeting with him, he
asked God to bless him that when he enters the kingdom, he'll be able
to watch over us and see how our lives turn out. He's such a great
Well, unfortunately that's all I have time to say today. It's been a
busy one. So much more has happened this week! Oh well.
For now, I'll just say it has been a good one, and I love the people
I've met here! Thanks for all the love and support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

Picture 1) His zone at their last conference.​
               2) The stone outside his "godfathers" house.  The way they first met his wife Wanda and him.

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