Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Car crashes and Catholics

Hello everyone.
Well things are still going good this week.
Unfortunately, I am not going to visit Manhattan this week... In 6
days there were 5 car accidents in the mission that have cost the
church over $75,000, so we found out at zone conference on Monday that
President Morgan is initiating a two-day mission-wide car fast.
Basically we haven't been allowed to drive for two days (not even to
go to Manhattan) which is difficult because we don't even live in our
area. At first I was pretty frustrated about it because I felt like we
were being punished for other missionaries carelessness, but then I
realized that it's probably not a coincidence that so many car
accidents happened in so little time. Obviously there's a reason God
wants us walking for two days. And because we couldn't drive, we ended
up running into M*, a resident of White Plains that for reasons
beyond me wants to meet with us. He was raised Catholic, but decided
that there are things going on with the Catholic Church he doesn't
like. So we talked to him about the great apostasy and the restoration
and when we asked if we could meet with him again, he said yes! They
never say that! Haha. It was pretty nice because we had just recently
been tracting in Valhalla. People there aren't very nice to
missionaries and it was pretty discouraging. We did, however, stumble
upon a magical neighborhood in Eastchester where children play in the
street and people smile when they answer the door and offer us cold
glasses of water and are unusually friendly... I felt like I was back
in Utah or something! Elder Johanson said that was a really weird
I also had the great experience of having an actual New Yorker tell
me, "Forget about it!" That's one check off my mission bucket list.
Unfortunately, on Sunday our investigator, B*, said he wants to stop
meeting with us. He loves the church and says we'll see him there
every Sunday, he just doesn't like the Book of Mormon and thinks he's
wasting our time. Dang.
Anyway, here's a bit about another cool person I met:
I* is a sweet, old Irish woman that we met in a park in White
Plains. She's a devout Catholic and isn't interested in our church at
all, but she was so happy that we sat and talked with her on a park
bench. She was so kind. She told us all about growing up in Ireland,
and how Christ has helped her through so much. She also told us how
glad she is that we go out to teach people about God in a world that
she has watched forget about Him. Overall, she's just a really great
person and I could listen to that accent all day.
Teaching has been going pretty well. I'm getting a lot better at it.
Elder Johanson is awesome. He says I have "Greeny Magic." Apparently
that's a thing.
I love it here! I can't send any pictures this week because we lost
the cord that connects the camera to the iPad. We'll buy another one.
My feet are sore from walking everywhere, but tomorrow we get our car
back. We're pretty lucky to have a car and iPads and a really nice
apartment, so can't really complain about walking for just two days.
Thanks for all the support!

-Elder Samuel Burton

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