Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Here!

Wow. The past little while has been crazy. Barely any sleeping, lots
of rushing around, not enough eating, a plane without air
conditioning, a very confused Filipino man, and somehow through it all
I ended up in New York.
We flew into White Plains, which made me realize how tiny Salt Lake
City is. White Plains is just a suburb of New York City, and it's
basically the size of Salt Lake City. The mission home, a beautiful
house built in the year 1900, couldn't fit all the new missionaries in
it so we we're put in a hotel. It was the best sleep I've gotten since
before I left home. But before we went to bed, we had dinner at the
mission home (thanksgiving dinner) and a testimony meeting.
First off, my companion is Elder Johanson from Highland, Utah. He's
tall, very friendly, and I met him ten minutes ago. We'll be serving
in the Scarsdale Ward in Westchester, the same ward President Morgan
is in. So I've spent almost the entire time I've been here in the area
I'll be serving in and I didn't even realize it. It is beautiful!
Thick forested hills with beautiful old houses and lots of very rich
ward members that apparently like to and can afford to feed the
missionaries. I won't be able to send any pictures until next week. We
are also living in the nicest apartment in my mission. I haven't been
there yet, but that's what everyone's been saying. What I'm paying to
be out here is a tiny fraction of the cost of rent. Basically, I'm
getting a pretty nice deal.
 President Morgan is great. He reminds me of Bruce Boucher in a
strange way. I think I'm going to really like him.
I'm going to be helping teach my first two lessons tonight. That's
stressful, but exciting. I don't really know what's going on yet, but
I'll figure it out.
I'm sending this email from the iPad I was given this morning. This is
going to be so helpful. I won't have to carry around Preach My Gospel,
a Planner, a Notebook, or just about anything, just this iPad.
Not much else to say... I did just get here yesterday. I'm sure I'll
have a ton to say next week. Until then,
Elder Samuel Burton

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