Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey Guys!

Note that this email doesn't start out with "Buonjorno Tutti!" or any of that, because I'm speaking English here, though that is definitely not the only language I've come across.
Sorry I haven't been able to write until now. We only get to write on P-days (Wednesdays), but they made an exception for our first email home. We only get a few minutes though, so I'll be brief.
My first day and half have been full of spiritual highs, and discouraging lows. I'm constantly either feeling so positive and full of the spirit (usually during class or the workshops they've had) or I feel stressed out and overwhelmed (usually when we're having the Zone Leaders explain all the things we have to do before sunday). All in all things have been great though. Praying last night, I was inspired to know that the Lord is looking out for us, so I have nothing to fear.
I love the people I'm working with so far. My companion is Elder Judd from Pima Arizona, and he's really big and really quiet. More recently he's opened up more, but that first twenty-four hours he hardly said anything. I hope that's not how our lessons go. We're teaching our first role-play investigator today, Michael. Not sure how it will go, but we feel prepared.

The foods mediocre. The people are great. The spirit is here.
Thanks for all the help you guys did preparing me!

Elder Samuel Burton

P.S. Check my room for a pair of blue socks. Thanks!

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